Sunday, December 03, 2006

What Do They Talk About?

I'm one of the rare breed! I don't own a mobile/cell phone! I have no use for one. I hate phone calls as it is on my landline telephone without having a mobile phone! I often wonder what do these people talk about all the time! You see them walking while talking on their phones in shopping centres, in stores, along the footpaths/sidewalks, cafes, everywhere! I'm sure if I had a mobile, I also would be one of the rare breed where no one would call me! Anyway, I would be annoyed if they did...I hate my peace being disturbed! It truly amazes me...and I must be honest, I sometimes think it's all for 'show'!

I did once own a mobile as I needed it because my brother was gravely ill with cancer and I needed to be in constant contact with the hospital etc. After his passing, I had no more need of the mobile phone and I discarded it. I still have no need for one in the way I live my life. I guess, I've not got much to say!


  1. I think mobile phone users are the most ignorant people! In movies, restaurants or anywhere - even doctor's surgeries (although most of them have notices requesting people to turn their mobiles off), they talk on their phones. I do have one, but I only use it if I go out at night - just in case I have a breakdown or something.

    I could rant on for a while longer, but I won't. I'm certain you know what I mean!

  2. I certainly you are mirroring my thoughts, Robyn! The bad-mannered operators of mobile phones are a pain in the butt!